Michael Glover

The Voiceover Array.

Gripping or uplifting. Hypnotic to hilarious.

Michael Glover

The Voiceover Array.

Gripping or uplifting. Hypnotic to hilarious.


Michael Glover is a member of SAG-AFTRA



michael glover voice actor

It all started when I was about five, I was raised by ladies … my Mother and Grand Mother, and all of their friends. Mamaw, “my grandmother” would always take us downtown on the bus to go shopping, banking, get something to eat and then go to an Elvis Presley movie. I thought Elvis was the coolest dude, with kickass hair. I tried all my childhood to get my hair like Elvis. Mesmerized by his performing and singing… and Elvis always got the pretty girls. Well, that was it…  had to be a performer. I kept working on the hair.

From grade school to college… I never stopped performing and entertaining. Never made it BIG TIME, but met some of the best people in it… even worked in a 1580 K-DAY TV Commercial with “Michel Jackson” Was an extra in Rocky 2, and worked on Steven Spielberg’s only flop…”1941”. The last entertaining I did before I started flying a 38 year career as a Lead Fight Attendant with American Airlines, I was a night club musician and entertainer all over the country and overseas. My band also performed for the “Department of Defense” on tours of Korea, Japan, and Alaska.

As I was flying, I began my voice over training, got an agent, and recording on the road in many hotels. I had many surgeries from entertaining and flying. Nothing serious, athletic injuries. I had my last surgery and was asked if I wanted to retire from flying with a nice $$ settlement from the Airline, then, my mother died. All this happened at the same time. I stepped back from VO for a bit… and it took me over 2 years to recover from that roller coaster ride of emotions and self-medicating. My wife Vicki was and is my Rock… love her so. So now I am back and ready once again to hit Voice Over with a vengeance. I retired well, so now all I have to do is concentrate on doing kickass auditions and Booking Something. Loving life again. Feel free to ask questions.


Mercedes-Benz voiced by Michael Glover
Foxwoods Resorts voiced by Michael Glover
D.A.R.E. voiced by Michael Glover
Kraft voiced by Michael Glover
cushcity.com voiced by Michael Glover
motorola voiced by Michael Glover
Devoid of Shadows voiced by Michael Glover
Pix 11 News voiced by Michael Glover
harlot's webb voiced by Michael Glover
Signal 23 News voiced by Michael Glover

Michael is one of the best students I have. His desire to learn is insatiable.


Michael Glover will always be “the voice” to us. It’s smooth yet textured tone hypnotizes our audience to always want more. Working with him over the years has always been professional. He’s fast, quick and strives for perfection. There is a reason we have only had one voice over guy and that’s because when you have something that works you stick with it. Michael always and will always work for Signal 23 Enterprises.



Michael was professional and a pleasure to work with. He took the time to immerse himself in my characters and really nailed the performances I wanted from him. His enthusiasm was infection and I look forward to working with Michael in the future.
– JACOB JENERKA – Video Game Producer


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